20-31 March 2022 the last Window Project @ machinaloci space:

Claire Tompkins, 4 Views of a Secret

Claire writes about 4 Views of a Secret:

I’m interested in the tiny details, the things that we overlook, the things that our brains filter out because there’s too much visual input. 
Everywhere there is magic, but we aren’t equipped to see it. We are too busy. It’s always there if we give ourselves time to see it. 
Just take the time, just pause, just be in a place in real time with no agenda and magic will appear for you.  

There is so much about the natural world that we don’t know. 
There is so much that we don’t consider important to look at. 
There is so much that we take for granted.

Video and sound track for the installation here!

About Claire:

A writer with a degree in film production, Claire Tompkins creates artwork that deals with narrative and perception. She is interested in the magic and mystery beyond the surface of things. How do we know what is real? What is the story that explains this? What is the story of what we don’t see? We all make up stories about what’s around us to explain the world to ourselves. They are helpful even if they are not the truth. Claire writes:

‘I make art to explore connections and pathways that lead to an experience of wonder, to see something I hadn’t noticed before, or to see something common in a fresh, intriguing way. This gives me the chance to get outside of my head and stop thinking so much. When I do that, I can access something deeper and truer without having to explain it. I want that experience for the viewer too, to transcend the mundane and glimpse into another world that they also have inside themselves.

When I was a kid, I always hoped I’d find a secret door that led to a mysterious place unlike anything I’d ever seen, or a place just a little off, that seemed completely different, yet somehow familiar. I still hope that one morning, I’ll wake up and the world will be changed in some delightful, magical way; two suns in the sky, or a ring of fairies dancing on the bureau, or an opening in the wall that beckons me forward.


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